Do you feel anxious about the birth of your baby? Do you feel your midwives don't have time to address all of your concerns or aren't listening? Did your first birth not go to plan or leave you feeling like you weren't in control?

I can help you. Through one to one support we can discuss what it is you are nervous about and work through solutions to help you have the birth you want. The support I offer depends on you.  I can help you prepare for your birth, make a birth plan and help you learn about all your options.

I can help you learn about your rights in terms of where you give birth and who you will have to support you

I can provide you with hypnobirthing knowledge and tips for visualising your birth experience so that you go into your labour feeling calm.

I can help you understand what happens during birth, what labour might feel like and how to know when to call your midwife.


"To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born."

Michel Odent


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