A doula is someone who will hold the space for you to have the birth you want.

A doula will get to know you and you family and your birth preferences. Having prepared with you, they already know your needs which means during labour they can protect your space and help your birth partner liaise with your care provider to ensure these needs are met. They will already know your birth preferences inside out and understand any previous birth history which may impact your experience. 

Hiring a doula is an investment in your health and wellbeing at the most pivotal time in your life. 

A doula knows the language and terrain of the birth world. They also have special skills learned through training and experience. They can  help you navigate both expected and unexpected challenges.



The research shows that continuous support in labour can:

- Increase in spontaneous vaginal birth (12% increase)
- Result in a shorter labours

- Decrease in the risk of newborn being admitted to a special care nursery (14% reduction)

- Reduce risk of Caesarean birth (28% less caesareans)

- Reduce risk of instrumental birth

- Reduce need for painkillers or epidural during birth (9% decrease)

- Reduce rate of induction of labour (31% less)

- Decrease in pain experienced in labour

✨Most importantly to me,  women are less likely to report negative feelings about their childbirth experience ✨.


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